"Woven network/Women's network" is a 6-month virtual art-residence of 7 female artists from 5 European countries across 3 timezones exploring the theme of invisible work and reinventing the hierarchic digital web to a real horizontal network. It will explore and reevaluate new opportunities for artistic expression and cross-border collaboration and the use of digital tools, materials, and the practice of distanced collaboration, through the creative work of 3 female artists from Ukraine and 4 from Sweden, Scotland, Poland and England.
Within our project, the creative workshop, studio, library, collection, exhibition, catalogue — spaces familiar for every artist — will be activated and vigorously explored online. Seven artists from partner countries will collaborate in a virtual space, sharing ideas, stories, and materials with each other and creating an inclusive, multi-disciplinary, cross-European media product.

Using the lense of creativity and collaboration, artists will discover new patterns for working together, while simultaneously expanding their expression into digital media online. The project aims to shift traditional artistic cooperation from the physical into the digital space and experiment in virtual collaboration formats.