Sister and daughter projects
Woven Network is an ever-growing project that unites women artists from across Europe. It started as a single residency in 2020, less than a year ago, and we already have two daughter projects – Woven Network Nordics and Woven Network Govan.

Woven In Govan was designed to create temporary artworks in Govan's public realm (creative interventions, pop-up/walking events, distanced/mobile performances, posters and flyers) which are also being documented and presented digitally as part of an international online exhibition platform. The thematic focus and aim for this project is to commission artists to develop new works which draw upon broad themes of care, caring, and women's roles within the current health crisis.

While this project is locally-rooted, developed and delivered, it sits within the framework of an ongoing international collaboration led by Platform TU (Ukraine) in partnership with Intercult (Sweden). It is funded by Creative Scotland and the Heritage Fund, Scotland. The Govan Woven Network is the Scottish part of our Woven Network, in partnership with House of Europe (via Platform TU) and Nordic Culture Fund (via Intercult). Commissioned artists creating new temporary artworks for Govan, in solidarity with post-industrial waterfront communities across Europe, as part of a 'glocal' response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Woven Network Nordics highlights the voices of women within urban spaces across three Nordic countries and examines womens' experiences as central to the European response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the course of this year, under the management of Intercult, four artists from Sweden, Denmark and Norway take part in a dynamic online residency to deliver presentations, conversations and develop a digital exhibition.

The selected Woven Network Nordics artists are: Emma Hirsk, Dina Abu Hamdan, Brynhild Bye-Tiller and Katarzyna Piorek.

With partners Woven Govan/Fablevision (UK), Transform Festival, Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium – Odin Teatret and Platform TU (UA).

Woven Network proved to be so successful and well-received, that we decided to not stop on a single residency and share the knowledge and tactics we have acquired with other artists and managers. In order to continue our mission, we propose to anyone, whom it may concern to take a part in our project, and share their thoughts and ideas for more follow-up programmes via the participation form below.

All of the projects will be digitalised and presented on this web-site.

If you share our values and passions, we are welcoming you to our big, strong-running family!