The international digital art-residency "Woven network" is running to the final stage. We proudly announce the opening of the final exhibition from 12 to 19 of December. During the opening week, we will present the works of 7 artists from 5 European countries across 3 timezones, gradually filling in the virtual exhibition space.

The idea of Woven Network was responding to the challenges of global pandemic with creating the safe space of support, solidarity, and collaboration for female artists in Ukraine and Europe. During 5 months female artists from Ukraine and Western Europe have been exploring the themes of invisible roles of women during the crisis and reinventing the hierarchic digital web to a real horizontal network with the team of passionate managers.

Maria Pronina (Donetsk-Mariupol), Alisa Oleva (London), Olia Fedorova (Kharkiv), Oksana Kazmina (Kyiv), Alice Máselníková (Stockholm), t s Beall (Govan), and Iwona Zając (Gdansk), - have explored and reevaluated new opportunities for artistic expression and cross-border collaboration, using digital tools, materials, and the practice of distanced cooperation. Getting to know each other only digitally, the artists communicated through online Woven Sessions and shared one Instagram account. They've been weaving the network of invisible cross-border connections reflecting on different aspects of pandemic influence on women, and now we're introducing the results. We will unfold two artworks every day, and on 19th of December the exhibition will be complete.

Special thanks from Platform TU to our partners from Intercult and Fablevision, our supporter House of Europe, and Ilona Demhenko, Inga Pylypchuk, Sashko Protyah, Nastya Hrechkina, Violetta Tarasenko, Denis Pohrebniy.
In order to enjoy the works to the full extent, please, view the exhibition at desktop devices.