sewing streets
Collaboration with

Photo - ts Beall, Alisa Oleva, Oksana Kazmina, Vera
Audio - Olya Fedorova
Animation - Violetta Tarasenko, Denis Pogrebnoy

Reality (backgrounds) is collected from the Ukrainian (Mariupol and Kyiv) reality. The heroines came there from European streets, they sewed realities into one - because we are all trying to draw public attention to the same problem. Visibility and value of women's work and women as individuals. This is a story about the invisibility of women's work in urban space.

"Sewing streets" is a woman hidden behind a pile of her work, which she does as something obligatory and habitual. As if she had no choice or desire to build a life.

She sews the streets (things, houses, family), and there's only her reflection left from her in her work.