Digital manager, Platform TU
Living in a place, that is quite hostile and cold in its mentalities for the likes of me, I'm always down for any sort of intercultural and international interaction - a truly luminous experience, never disappointing really, so my work on this project comes from a place of genuine investment.

From the very beginning, when Diana and myself started to work on House of Europe application in her apartment over seven months ago, till this very moment when I'm writing this, I was giving all of me to this project. Inspirational women were and are essential for my sense of self, so this is my way of saying "thank you" to all those courageous, strong, incredibly beautiful beings, who played major (and minor) parts in my life.

The stage of developing presentations of artists' work is a soul-draining process though, quite literally - I am but a husk of a man, a mindless machine, performing strange algorithms, waiting for the end of a never ending nightmare to cast upon me.

But, you know, character development, I guess.