"Kurwa" is the polish word meaning whore and widely used as a curse, an insult, and an exclamation. The same word exists in Ukrainian, with similar meaning, although with milder connotation. Using the word KURWA as vulgarism in Poland is a crime and is punished in court.

During the Woven Network residency, the global protest has risen after the court in Poland has forbidden abortion. Proclaiming abortion a crime in Poland has brought people all over the world on strikes in support of Polish women. Platform Tu has organized the "Black protest" in Mariupol as a gesture of solidarity, with street performance on the central square creating the flag of Ukrainian-Polish support.

Here is Facebook event of the action.

The performance marked the start of an artwork called KURWA when the local media has published the news about it. The news has gathered 631 comments from mariupolers, most of which were hate speech, disgust, insults, curses, shaming, bullying, and all the other actions that women in Poland (and all over the world) regularly face. However, not only hate speech was in the comments - many comments have expressed the annoyment of protesters doing something for Polish women rather than for Mariupol.
The average comment sounds like KURWA! in all meanings. The whole artwork is here. Selected pieces are shown in the gallery:
Artist: Platform TU
Woven participants: Maria Pronina

Special thanks to: 0629.com.ua
We express our gratitude to European Union and House of Europe programme.