The Kluven project has been constructed from a series of interviews with emigrant women who were forced or chose to move from their land to another country, and arrived in new life situations with unfamiliar social codes, cultural references and political heritages. Through this collection of interviews, I correlate personal experiences within a broader spectrum of emotional conflicts, compromises, struggles of balancing between two worlds, crossing borders and beginning a new in an unknown country, to highlight the global fate of immigrants. Within this documentary project I also want to focus on the invisible problem, and illustrate the burdens of the human condition. I investigate immigrants' identity through my own perspective, trying to find a merger for the stories together. How do people deal with challenges and name the daily dilemmas? How do they feel in the corona pandemic context? For many people living abroad in their native countries, the coronavirus crisis showed how important the possibility of travelling or, at least, having an option of travel to their previous homes. Ultimately the project is going to be presented as a documentary-animation film.