H o n e s t l y
In this ongoing project, people share their personal stories - of feelings and thoughts, of the actual quarantine reality they wouldn't (or didn't) dare to talk about in public. These stories are turned into an Instagram stories format, which appear in the feed as an intervention of the actual image of the lockdown life to the sugar-coated Instagram reality.
During the pandemic, when our entire normal life was destroyed, most of us faced tremendous stress, for many it led to mental problems and depression. Although the extent of this issue is still unknown, since not so many people admit it. At a time when everything went online, the power of social networks like Instagram has grown exponentially, and so did our need to represent ourselves in the better light to the society through them, as we couldn't do it physically. This is how we found out that during the pandemic all our fellows have learned dozens of languages, gained hundreds of new skills, passed numerous online courses, spent the best time with their families and finally had a great rest. At the same time, we ourselves might have lost our jobs, got infected (or our beloved ones got infected or even passed away), experienced domestic violence, suffered panic attacks, prostration, fear, despair, suicidal thoughts or even attempts.
Being surrounded with this Instagram image of quarantine life that we think all other people, except us, have, makes us feel even more lonely, makes us think that it's something wrong with us. And the impossibility to give these feelings out - because of shame, or fear of being rejected and depreciated, or any other reasons that make us silence ourselves - poisons our life even more. This project is intended to let people speak out about their feelings during this pandemic, to share their honest lockdown reality. To reveal that feeling bad is normal - especially during such a disaster - that being weak, being afraid, being in despair is normal - and sharing it, and getting help and support is normal too. But if you don't speak, no one hears and no one can help you. The more you hide, the more you get lost. It is a try to encourage people to come out into the light - to see that they are not alone.
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Artist: Olia Fedorova
We express our gratitude to European Union and House of Europe programme.
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