benches on walks
Collaboration with

Photo - ts Beall, Alisa Oleva, Oksana Kazmina, Vera
Audio - Alisa Oleva
Animation - Violetta Tarasenko, Denis Pogrebnoy

Reality (backgrounds) is represented by the Sea of Azov and Mariupol yards. Space during quarantine took on other meanings. Heroines - the reflected shadows of artists from different cities. All of them flow into the sea and pass from it into the yards. These are forbidden but highly desirable walks. Their taste is even sweeter because of the bans.

Throughout this reality, the benches walk around after missing people during the pandemic.

"Benches on walks" - teach us to appreciate those simple things that seem to always be available. But only after you lost them, you understand that anything can happen tomorrow! Life is unpredictable, and we are just people.