As our project addresses the invisible and precarious work of women during epidemic, we've decided to show the inside of artistic and program workflow in the diary of #wovennetwork.

The work of cultural managers, artists, curators and others involved in creative industries has always been mostly invisible and underestimated. Since cultural sector has suffered from COVID-19 greatly, culture professionals became even more vulnerable. Our diaries will show behind the scenes of implementing an international art project during epidemic, our reflection, observation and research.

Find these observations under #wovendairy.

 Challenges in communication and planning the first kickoff meeting among 10 people in 5 countries. It took a week to set the date and time comfortable for (almost) everybody.

Although quarantine makes us stay home, now we are even busier than ever, drowning in digital world of chats and conferences. When artists have much less free time and blurred borders between work and home, we need more empathy, flexibility and understanding when planning any event involving more, than 2 participants.