Epidemic has become for me the time of hopes and dreams that did not come true, the time of illusions and lies. Since March 2020, almost nothing I loved happened to me, as the quarantine has put strict rules and borders between my existence and everything I loved and wanted to be. As if someone enjoyed showing his power and abusing me persistently.

Every time I wanted to travel, new restrictions came out. Every time I wanted to go to a party - quarantine rules were renewed. Every time I wanted to see someone I miss - new covid outbreak made me stay home. I felt myself like single-celled with no control over my life. I felt myself like a victim of abuse.

After months of frustration I 've finally come to understanding that everything I can do is use what I have, even if I have so little now. I was fed up being a victim of abuse. I wanted to regain at least a little of control. I wanted at least one of my dreams come true.

One of my dearest dreams as an emerging artist was my individual exhibition. I was always afraid to show my artworks to the world. Thinking of showing my works has always made me feel insecure and anxious. Suddenly, I realized that it is now the best time for it, time to make the best exhibition I dreamed about. To make my personal art show, where nobody will be judging my artworks, where even the most critical viewers won't be able to say anything bad.

Finally, I do not feel myself like an abuse victim. I am myself using the epidemic as the way of making my dream come true. Now, I am regaining control over myself and make things I love happen to me.

Welcome to my artworks exhibition from 8 to 24 January in Platform Tu.
Artist, Diana Berg
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