Oksana Kazmina, Kyiv, Ukraine
Oksana Kazmina is Ukrainian documentary film maker, media artist and performer.

Since 2016 Oksana has been working on her debut feature Underwater. Underwater is a long term exploration of everyday practices of dealing with the patriarchy. It registers different aspects of life and work of three Ukrainian female-identified artists AntiGonna (Kyiv-Vinnytsia- Odesa), Masha Pronina (Donetsk-Mariupol) and Ksenia Platanoiva (Zaporizhzhia)

Underwater is inspired by another project of Oksana, The backstage histories. Daily routine, festive rituals and other bodily practices of some unfitted groups of Ukrainians. Incompetent and loose field study, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2014-2020.

These two projects map Oksana's main interests and practices starting from 2014, they interconnect and grow horizontally as different collaborations between its participants arise. In this way, these fluid projects expand and mutate over time giving rise to another projects and practices, such as artistic collective OKCAHAS (together with AntiGonna) and interdisciplinary project Body Practices (together with Anatoliy Bielov)

OKCAHAS explores different aspects of female sexuality and pleasure. Film Zarosli, which the collective produced , has participated in festivals Pornfilmfestival Berlin, Tel Aviv Queer Film Festival, Antwerp Queer Festival and others.

Body Practices aims to explore different bodily experiences and politics deriving from it. It includes numerous interviews with the participants, live events, music, videos, short graphic novel, VR object.
PinchukArtCentre Prize
Intermutation project
Working Title project
Odesa International Film Festival, Odesa, Ukraine
Best Short Film Prize for The Secret, The Girl and The Boy
Da Liceiras 18, Porto, Portugal
PinchukArtCentre, Kyiv, Ukraine
Space Of One's Own, collective show
K4Gallery, Oslo, Norvegia
Anatoliy Belov&Oksana Kazmina
Pomada Queer Festival, Warsaw, Poland
Armed and Dangerous, Kharkiv and Kyiv, Ukraine
collective project, which critically evaluates the processes of militarization and political polarization in nowadays Ukraine
FreeFilmers Project, Eastern Ukraine
explores how cultural and social processes were affected by war in Eastern Ukraine