Listen to my voice and breathe.


Go to the place where the winds are blowing freely, where the spaces are open and airy.


Inhale. Let all the air there fill your lungs, until you feel they hurt.


For three seconds you dissolve. You are now one with this place. Sense it inside your body.

Exhale. Slowly let it out, till you feel pain again. Repeat.

Sense it entering and leaving, again and again. Feel the rhythm. Synchronise to the pulsation of the space.

Listen to my voice.

One. Two. Three.

(One-channel video, 4:22, 2020)
Artist: Olia Fedorova
Woven participants: Iwona ZajÄ…c, Alisa Oleva, Diana Berg, Vira Protskykh
We express our gratitude to European Union and House of Europe programme.