The legend of amazons tells the story of ancient women-warriors who lived in Sarmathia and Scythia about 3000 years ago. Their tribes moved to the territory of modern eastern Ukraine near the Lake Meothys (Azov sea). Amazons are known as the first reported tribe with matriarchal customs, where women had the same roles as men. Herodotus reported about Amazons that they were, "frequently hunting on horseback with their husbands; in war taking the field; and wearing the very same dress as the men".

It was very little known about amazonian culture, until the recent findings of a small group of activists from Ukraine, who in 2020 have discovered the evidence of Amazonian culture - artefacts, scripts, and symbols. These findings are the key evidence of the whole historical period influenced by Amazons. The scientists have a theory that the image of aggressive warriors was exaggerated by their enemies, presumably men, whereas Amazons used to have an order where solidarity, equal gender roles, and mutual respect dominated. The explorers have named the period "Amazoi '' and found that the tribe have travelled excessively across the modern Europe. Whereas the major settlement was situated in the modern Azov region, amazons expanded thousands of kilometers, bringing their lifestyle overseas.
Fig. 1 - An unknown object - presumably an amulet or a piece of another sacral meaning
...perception of the world... in the minds of many see that they are not alone......started to put everything together.....was able to settle in a new place......strengthening solidarity among women......thoughts about care and caring......speak out about their а place you feel safe......with relationships with people......encourages many women to take matters into their own hands......relationship with yourself and your loved love, where there is no place for hatred......sometimes does not allow to breathe......feel even more lonely......impression that the reality surrounding me... ...contributed by diverse women......fabric which I then washed......and sharing it, and getting help and support......things familiar to me from childhood......meditation on the work these women continue to do......does it differ for men and for women......protests of girls and women against the see that they are not alone...
Fig. 2 - A badly preserved piece of original writing from Amazoi era
Fig. 3 - Symbols, most probably used in rituals, rather than common writing
Unfortunately, very little is still known about the Amazons, especially about their sudden disappearance. However, recent findings have brought strong evidence of the existence of Amazonian civilization, indicating the need to continue the search of the traces of Amazoi. We encourage historians, archaeologists, researchers from Ukraine and Europe to boost your efforts in search of Amazoi evidences in order to gather the more complete portrait of Amazonian civilization. Please, send us any facts you think might relate to Amazoi, we will contact you and put your name in future book "Amazoi: the erased history of women, equality and solidarity"
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